Our Aims

The Pembroke Old Scholars' Association (POSA) seeks:

  • to further the welfare of the School;
  • to promote unity and friendship amongst former students and staff of the School and its predecessors (King's and Girton);
  • to maintain the interest of such former students and staff in the School;
  • to promote the involvement of members in the Association, in Clubs and other bodies affiliated with the Association.

It currently meets these objectives primarily through:

  • support and assistance provided to the Old Scholars' affiliated clubs;
  • provision of bursaries to students of Old Scholars;
  • co-ordination and assistance of various Old Scholar reunion functions and events;
  • promotion of the achievements of past scholars.

The Association has an elected committee and additional representatives from each of the affiliated associations. The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month, eight times a year. All Old Scholars are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Association held in September.

If Old Scholars are interested in being involved with their Association, please email oldscholars@pembroke.sa.edu.au for details.

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