OS Babysitting

The Pembroke Old Scholars’ Association established a babysitting database in 2011. The aim of the database is to capture recent school leavers and Old Scholars who wish to make themselves available to the Pembroke School community for babysitting services.

Our database should be mutually beneficial for both school leavers and the current parents of Pembroke School. One of the key benefits to current parents is that past students are familiar with the school, the car parking, sports venues etc which makes a babysitter from the database highly sought after for school pickups and regular child minding.

Old scholars who wish to discuss our babysitter register can contact POSA on oldscholars@pembroke.sa.edu.au.

The database is a mechanism to bring together babysitters and parents who require babysitting services. Any rates, terms, or job details would be directly negotiated between the babysitter and parent. Any choice of engagement would be entirely at the discretion and liberty of the parent.

Mr Weng Wong
President, POSA