Facebook Guidelines

1. Introduction

The intention of these guidelines is to ensure the POSA Facebook Group (the Facebook Group) remains relevant, interesting and engaging for all Old Scholars and Alumni who are members of it (group members). The Facebook Group’s primary aim is to be an accessible and engaging platform for information about POSA (e.g. news and events updates) to be disseminated to group members. As the Facebook Group currently features almost 2,000 individual members, POSA frequently receives requests to post content to the page. This guideline will outline the process for applying to post to the Facebook Group and the criteria against which potential posts will be assessed.

2. Process to Posting to Facebook Group

Requests to post to the Facebook group are currently made to Peta Harries in her role as POSA Secretary. Requests may come from any group member. Posts will be assessed as to their suitability and content (see below for more information) by, at the minimum, the President and Secretary of the POSA Committee. Where appropriate, other members of the POSA Committee may contribute to assessment of posts, especially in cases where the President and Secretary are undecided about a post’s suitability.

The POSA President or Secretary will inform the relevant person on the outcome of the assessment for suitability and content.

3. Suitability of Posts

To be appropriately suitable for posting in the Facebook Group, the post must demonstrate relevance to Old Scholars across more than one year group (posts relevant to only one year group are more appropriate on that group’s individual year level Facebook group. If one does not exist, posting to the wider group in some circumstances may be appropriate.) Posts which highlight individual Old Scholars’ achievements where links to other sources (e.g. news websites) are able to provide will be considered. The POSA Secretary may instead suggest inclusion in the next edition of Pembroke News edition.

Similarly, promotion of non-profit organisations and community groups (e.g. bands, art shows which are not supported by POSA) will be considered where links to other sources (e.g. news websites) can be provided and Pembroke Old Scholars are the target demographic for the organisation or event.

Posts which feature mainly self-promotion or promotion of a business will not be deemed suitable. These are unlikely to be of interest to the majority of group members, and this kind of content may lead group members to become disinterested in posts.

4. Content 

If deemed suitable for posting, the President and Secretary of the POSA Committee will assess content requested to be posted to the Facebook Group on its word count, clarity, and for any spelling or grammatical errors. The President and Secretary reserve the right to make any textual or formatting modifications to content posted to the group. Requests to post to the Facebook Group will be referred back to the submitting person if formal text to be posted or media for inclusion in the post is not supplied (the POSA Secretary is not responsible for constructing post text or sourcing media).

5. Review of Content Posted or Not Posted 

An Old Scholar may attend a committee meeting to request review of content posted or not posted to the Facebook Group. Information about committee meeting dates can be obtained from the POSA Secretary.